I decided that I needed a break from work and wanted to hit the water. Rather than packing my gear and heading to trout waters, I decided to get some bass fishing in. It’s been a few years since I fished the Penobscot River in Maine but always had great memories of the shear strength of those river bass. Susquehanna River was once known as a premier bass fishing river and depending on who you speak to, it may still be and if not, it’s gaining strength again. Susquehanna River is about an hour drive away, so I decided to look up some guides and see about booking a day trip. After talking to Eric from Coveted Waters, I decided to try the Juniata River.

My wife grew up outside of Harrisburg and spent a few years in Juniata County. We when first got married, we took numerous trips back to her parents bed and breakfast located in Juniata County but they since have moved to Montana. While driving to the river, I forgot how beautiful and remote central Pennsylvania is. And the memories of our drive to her parents place.

The trip started out very interesting with a large musky feeding on bait fish along the banks where we were fishing to me losing a big bass for my first hit from the grassy area. At the end of the day, I managed about 12 bass and an appreciation of the Juniata River.

Coveted Waters


Juniata River


Fish photos



I decided to take a vacation day to get some much needed fishing in. I packed my gear in the truck and decided to head about an hour north to Bethlehem, PA. Bethlehem holds special meaning to me as this is where my parents grew up and where many of my relatives spent most of their lives. For those not familiar with Bethlehem, its best known for its steel industry many years ago and the same is true of nearby Allentown located about 20 minutes away (Billy Joel wrote a song called Allentown in the 80s). My grandfather spent his life working for Bethlehem Steel and well as some of my other relatives. Now the steel factories have long been closed and all the remains is an entertainment complex and a casino, I guess thats progress :(.

During my trip, I decided to try 2 different sections of the Monocacy Creek, which eventually exits into the larger Lehigh River and Saucon Creek.

This is the section of the Monocacy creek runs next to the city.

Fly fishing Monocacy Creek 04-10-2014

This was one of the larger size rainbows that I managed to get for the day.

Fly Fishing Monocacy Creek 04-10-2014

Next up was Saucon Creek where I lost a nice size fish.

Fly Fishing Saucon Creek 04-10-2014

Fly Fishing Saucon Creek 04-10-2014

Fly Fishing Saucon Creek 04-10-2014

Last up, was a different section of the Monocacy Creek.

Fly Fishing Monocacy Creek 04-10-2014

Fly Fishing Monocacy Creek 04-10-2014

First snake of the season! Youll see him in the water between the roots.

Fly Fishing Monocacy Creek 04-10-2014

Mill on Monocacy Creek

04-10-2014 - Fly Fishing Monocacy Creek Mill

For those that know me, know that I am vegan (11 years vegetarian and last 3 years vegan). Vegan Treats is a famous vegan dessert shop that ships to restaurants in both Philly and NYC. Every time we are in town, my wife and I always stop by. Since, I was there, I decided to bring home some treats for my sweetie. While there, I treated myself to a vegan marshmallow/graham cracker ice cream.

04-10-2914 Vegan Treats

04-10-2014 Vegan Treats

04-10-2014 Vegan Treats

Dinner on my way home, Smoked Seitan Tacos. Yes, they are wrapped in both hard and soft shells. :)

04-10-2014 Seitan Tacos

This is what the Bethlehem Steel Factory looks like today (photo taken last winter)

Bethlehem Steel

As discussed in a previous post, I pass through a couple different creeks daily on my commute to work. One of those creeks that I posted about is French Creek, which begins a few miles north of my home and empties into the Schuylkill River. A portion of French Creek is about a mile walk down the mountain from my home. Last Sunday, I took some time to fish the local section near my home in which I was able to get one during my short trip.

Local section

Fly Fishing French Creek 04-06-2014

Fly Fishing French Creek 04-06-2014

Fish photo

Fly Fishing French Creek 2 04-06-2014

Saint Peters Village is a little bit upstream from where I was fishing. My wife, my baby (aka the dog) and I frequently walk to the village to get some locally baked bread at the Saint Peters Bakery.

Saint Peters Village, French Creek